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Krista Farr Story
Krista Farr Story 2

Krista Farr’s Story

Before I found this nutrition I felt unhappy, unhealthy and stuck.

I am a busy mom of 2 very active boys and made very little time for myself. I tried every possible way to “eat healthy” and “diet” along with working out hard at the gym for hours every day and saw zero change in my body and health in that time. I was battling with many discomforts in my body that could not be relieved no matter how many things I tried. I was exhausted, which should have been the exact opposite given what I was trying to do for myself with current diet and exercise. I was the last person that I took care of, sucking down a quad shot coffee in the morning just to get some energy for the day…not eating lunch because of the suppressant given by the coffee….I would drink a soda every afternoon after my initial caffeine crash and snack on anything I could get my hands on in the afternoon because my body was starving. This was a viscous cycle that occurred for 8 years.

I was introduced to Isagenix by some local friends who had watched me struggle with my health for about 6 months. I was desperate for change. My kids didn’t deserve the mom that I was becoming and I was grasping and dying for anything that could help my health improve.

I said YES to Isagenix and within a week I could tell a drastic difference in the way that I felt. I had natural energy that I hadn’t experienced since my teen years, there was a mental fog that lifted from my brain and I felt an immediate clarity, I was SMILING again and not feeling so down about my appearance and energy levels. 

I went on to release a substantial amount of toxic pounds and have never gained any of those back. I have used the products for 2 years and have never felt better in my life. Our entire family has benefited from this nutrition.

Aaron Farr’s Story

Meet Aaron.  Prior to changing his nutrition and lifestyle he was stressed, tired, and unhappy with were he was physically.

Working 16-18 hour days owning his own company meant that he took little time to take care of himself.  His diet consisted of drive-thru windows, energy drinks and quick and easy dinners that he could eat on-the-go.  He slowly gained weight and quickly was becoming less and less happy with the outlook on his life.  He knew something needed to change.  He was introduced to nutrition and intermittent fasting by a customer and was desperate to try anything that would help him change his health.

Aaron quickly released 50 pounds in a very short amount of time and is in better health than he was as a collegiate athlete.

He is now happy, full of energy, sleeps like a baby, and could never imagine going another day without putting this incredible nutrition in his body!

It took him 4 months to achieve these results and has easily maintained it for 4 years now! The convenience of having a healthy meal at his fingertips anytime has been a game changer!

Aaron Farr Story
Aaron Farr Story 2
Sarah Jackson Story
Sarah Jackson Story 2

Sarah Jackson’s Story

Meet Sarah.  Wife, mother, Dental Hygienist and college professor.   She had struggled with weight her entire life and she tried everything out there before finding Isagenix.  She counted calories, restricted food, tallied points and dove into every “fad” that proved to release weight.

Sarah was self-conscious, exhausted, and struggled with daily discomfort throughout her entire body.  Sadly, she felt like her son was missing out on having a fully involved mother because of the stress of working two jobs that she wanted to crash on the couch in the evenings instead of playing with him.

Sarah was introduced to this amazing nutrition and intermittent fasting system by a close friend in March 2014. After four days she knew this was something she had never experienced!

Sarah immediately felt an incredible energy that she’d never had before and the discomfort in her body started diminishing.

Sarah released 25 pounds in a few short months and now has more self-confidence, is free from discomfort and is a better mother because she actually has enough natural energy to play and be active with my son and new baby girl!  She is now incredibly passionate about helping others start their own story to better health!

Aliah Reyes’ Story

After my third pregnancy I became very stressed out and tired. I was not mentally stable at all and I could hardly keep up with life. Although I was working out, I did not lose all the weight as I previously did in my younger years.  I was no where near where I wanted to be physically.

Thanks to my dear friend Courtney, I said YES to the new lifestyle, nutrition and intermittent fasting system and I’m SO happy I did!! It is so convenient, flexible and fits my busy schedule of being full-time active duty military and mom of 4!

I noticed changes right away – I released 20lbs in just a few short months and 8 months later I am still noticing changes for the better!

I have not felt this good in YEARS and now I look forward to each and every day.

Aliah Reyes Story
Aliah Reyes Story 2
Jake Pugsley Story
Jake Pugsley Story 2

Jake Pugsley’s Story

3 years ago I was a retired college football player who was still eating like his playing time depended on it. I felt tired and lazy, and wanted so badly to give in to the lifestyle where I overate and found every excuse in the world not to exercise. My wife wanted my 6 pack back and kept bugging me to return the keg that took it’s place.  Thankfully God answered our prayers. My wife and I made a decision together to change our health.

Two days after we started our system I felt good, really good actually. My energy levels were increasing, I was able to focus on something longer than 5 minutes at work and my trips to the break room for coffee were decreasing.

I had so much extra energy I had wanted for so long.  

Now I was spending 30 seconds and receiving 10 times the nutritional value in food!!! The inches melted off and my 6 pack came back!   Is transforming your health one of your goals? It could be losing weight to feel confident, building muscle for a competition, having energy to play with your kids when you come home, or even to start building residual income because you are afraid your job isn’t going to make the next round of layoffs. If so, are you ready to Start Your Story? I’m glad I was!

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